SizeGenetics vs. ProExtender

By | December 11, 2017

sizegenetics vs proextender
A lot of men are realizing how important it can be to have a larger, healthier penis and the penis extender is one of the best ways to make that realization a reality! Our aim is to help men get results using only the finest products available with economy in mind; we hope to demonstrate that goal to you in this article.

As you are probably aware, we are true advocates of the system by SizeGenetics. This system is everything that a penis extending system should be and more! However, we are not afraid to put our favorite product up against any other product where there may be some chance that the other may come out ahead!

For this comparison we are going to put the SizeGenetics Comfort Package up against the Original ProExtender package. We will point out the pros and cons for each and in the end we will designate a winner. So let’s get started!


SizeGenetics Comfort Package – $249.95 (visit the official website here)
Original ProExtender – $299.95 (visit the official website here)

As you can see, there is a $50 difference and SizeGenetics a better deal.

price comparison sizegenetics extender proextender


SizeGenetics: Comes with a luxury leather case with a lockable latch (main photo left). Every accessory fits nicely in dense foam rubber plus there is still some room to spare. It is of good quality – a serious case for a serious device.

ProExtender: Comes in a cheap cardboard box (main photo right). The accessories all fit in dense foam rubber and there is room for additional items.

Here SizeGenetics Extender is a clear winner. We would not expect that something that costs almost $300 to come wrapped in cardboard!


sizegenetics accessories comparison
SizeGenetics: 1 extending device, 2 sets of long bars, 1 set of medium bars, 1 set of short bars, 1 strap, 1 silicone noose, 1 Velcro strap, 1 foam pad, 2 protection plasters, 1 protection sheet, 2 tightening tools, 1 instruction DVD.

ProExtender: 1 extending device, 1 set of long bars, 1 set of medium bars, 1 silicone noose, 1 foam pad, 1 instruction DVD.

The Original ProExtender seems to fall way short on accessories! It is very important that we have several methods of attachment and means of adjustment available so as to get the most from any penis extender. We believe that ProExtender fails in this area while SizeGenetics excels!


SizeGenetics: All metal parts are machined from stainless steel and have a smooth brushed finish, while the molded parts are of medical grade white plastic.

The spring-loaded traction bars operate smoothly and the threaded parts all go together easily.

The noose is solid silicone and the wide strap is made from rubber. The included padding and protection items are quite durable and have held up to continued use without the need for replacement.

ProExtender: The metal parts are all chrome or nickel plated and while they look slick, they may corrode if not cared for properly. Additionally, the molded parts are made of some type of tough plastic that are white in color.

The spring-loaded traction bars do not go in and out as smoothly as they do on the SizeGenetics extender most likely because they have some machine marks on them. However, each threaded part went together without any problems.

The noose is not solid and is merely a silicone tube. The one pad that is included seems durable enough.

Conclusion: SizeGenetics would seem to be better made – stainless steel is a must for any medical grade device and machine marks are unacceptable. Close tolerances are also something that lends to the overall quality of the SizeGenetics device which unfortunately, ProExtender lacks.

Fit and Adjustability

SizeGenetics: Can be attached using any combination of 3 different types of padding and 3 different straps. Adjustments were easily made via the thumb-screws and the spring-loaded bars seem to offer the right amount of tension. No problems were found and wearing the unit was very comfortable once dialed-in.

ProExtender: Can only be attached 2 ways – with or without the pad. Adjustability is acceptable however we would like to see another set of short (0.5”) bars. Adjustments via the thumb-screws are easy; however, the tensioners seem a bit stiff.

Conclusion: How you attach your extender depends on how you are built and what you deem to be comfortable. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another. This is where SizeGenetics has the advantage – this system allows you to attach it several different ways so that you can find the method that works for you!

We found that the Velcro strap is particularly useful on the SizeGenetics system and that comfort is not an issue. Again, for SizeGenetics the padding and attachment components work together to make the extending process nearly unnoticeable. This is not the case with ProExtender as you are very limited.


While we found that both systems are capable of getting results, we feel that only SizeGenetics can do so in the most effective manner possible. This is due to its higher level of adjustability and its inclusion of so many comfort providing components.

We also prefer the quality of the SizeGenetics unit over that of its ProExtender counterpart. SizeGenetics seems to be made from better materials and to somewhat higher standards.

SizeGenetics it’s much more complete system that has been proven to add an inch or more time and time again, we would not hesitate to recommend the SizeGenetics Basic Package to anyone who wants to add size to their penis!